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BULBS, Beautiful, Beautiful BULBS

Creative Brain Storm hit me yesterday! I am so excited about my Holiday decorating this year!  I decided that I needed to do a drastic Holiday decoration make-over in my kitchen and family room (where my parties mainly take place) while still trying to maintain a decent budget.  I thought that I was going to give my garland a face-lift with new floral pics.  I wanted fun yet elegant as I am entertaining quite a bit this Holiday season.

I decided on red as my primary color, gold as the secondary color, and white as an accent color.  But, I just wasn’t feeling the “vibe” and “love” with the floral pics after two days of shopping.

So, I started to search images online for red Holiday decoration ideas.  Bulbs kept coming up in photos and catching my eye way more than the florals.  Hmmmmm.

BULBS!  They are so “in” this year and are more glorious and beautiful than ever! They are full of shimmer and glitter in bright, bold colors.  The vintage bulbs are crazy beautiful with so many unique designs….art on strings!   I like it.  Fun.  Glam.  Bold.  Elegant.  I’m in!

Here are some of  the pics that I found surfing the web that inspired me… I will be incorporating some of these ideas, and I have quite a few different ones up my sleeve that I will soon be sharing.  But I wanted you to see how much fun folks are having with bulbs…


Cool stuff!  Most of it is pretty simple to make.  Just ask me if you need any help.

I am also going to be using a lot of candles and wine glasses….hope I have your curiosity up!

Shopping:  Here in the Seattle area (Lynnwood), we just got a Hobby Lobby!!!  OMG!  It is a dream for party people.  They have bulbs that knocked my socks off!  Huge ones, tiny ones – colors galore…..rows and rows and rows of BULBS!  And all Holiday decorations are 50% off!  YAY!  I got kicked out of the store last night when they closed at 8:00!  (boo)  I’m going back in tomorrow!

When I lived in the Pittsburgh area, I use to shop at Pat Catan’s all the time…another dream store.  I have not been there for a while, so I do not know what their selection of bulbs are….anyone?????

Target has some great vintage bulbs at a reasonable price.  I picked up a few this weekend.  Pier 1 does too!

Hint:  I will be placing vintage bulbs down the center of my table….along with other fun things….but still keeping in my red, gold, white color theme.  There will be bulbs everywhere…stay tuned!

I want to hear about your BULB ideas, too!!!!!

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