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Glorious Garland Part 1: The Stairway

Decorating your stairway with garland is much easier than you may think, and you can have a most stunning entryway with minimal costs, or you can go all out and be totally extravagant.  Let your “decorative taste” determine if you will have a rustic, ornate, fun, Victorian, elegant, or simplistic stairway.  I have been fortunate enough to have a stairway in my last two houses.  If you have a stairway….dec it out!

Here is what you will need:


  • Artificial:  You can purchase artificial garland at Walmart, Target, Michaels, Joann Fabrics, or any other craft/floral store, or on-line (Tree Topia, my favorite)
  • Live:  I have purchased live garland from fundraisers (boy scouts); I have ordered it on-line and had it shipped; and many Christmas Tree roadside stands sell garland.


  • I like a thick ribbon with wired edges so I can have more control on the shape of the bows.  However, any ribbon will do.
  • Select a ribbon color that will go with your décor…either match it or select something that will work as an accent color.  You can never go wrong with red, gold, white, silver, or green!  Currently, I am using a lovely printed ribbon that I found at Costco!  Great price for a ginormous roll.


This can certainly be an option, but I do recommend lights.  Lighting for a party will create your mood.  I change up my light colors… I am using multi lights this year.  I was concerned that the printed ribbon with the multi light would clash.  I think it turned out just fine because my stairway is really large with a lot of “white walls”, so I can get away with “loud.”


Floral Pics

I go back and forth with putting anything extra on my banisters.  The past few years I have kept it just bows and lights; however, I use to always use florals on my previous house’s banister.  When I moved, my banisters doubled in length, so I could not use my old florals on the banister (though I still use them in other garland arrangements.)  I can’t find what I want in floral pics, so I am using a floral print ribbon which gives me a lot of color.  When I used florals, I had a solid red ribbon.  I will be showing you how to add florals to your banisters.

We are now ready to get busy!

The banister is ready.

 I have my ribbon cut into 60″ strips and my garland strand sized to fit the length of the banister.

 Starting at the top of the banister, loop the ribbon from under the banister to the top of the banister and tie a single knot (like you are tying your shoes) in the ribbon.  Leave some room for the garland.

 Slip an end of the garland under the ribbon and then pull the ribbon tight to secure the garland to the banister.  No need for a double knot.   You will only need to do this on the first ribbon.  Once the garland is secure from the top, you will just work your way down the banister.

 Decide how far apart you want your bows.  I do about 2 feet.

 Continue to work your way down the banister  as you go UNDER the banister and tie a single knot on top of  the garland which is resting on top of the banister.  NO NEED FOR GLUE, TAPE, ETC.

Now we are going to add the lights:

  Lay the lights on top of the garland and on top of the single knot of the ribbon.  Leave the ribbon strands hanging loose for now.

Once all of the lights are laid on top of the garland, it is now time to secure everything:

 Go back to the ribbon and finish tying the bows…just like you tie your shoes.  Once the bows are tied, you can be finished and leave the ribbon hanging down.  If you do this, I would make the ribbon a little shorter as I think this length is too long to hang.  I use this length because I am going to place the hanging ribbon up on the garland:

 Take each ribbon strand and lay it on top of the garland and lights.

Be creative and scrunch the ribbon to give it some wave effect.  This is why I suggest using a wire ribbon and you can bend the ribbon to help it to hold a wave look.  If you have a piece of ribbon that will not rest, take a small tip of one garland stem and bend the garland stem over the ribbon to hold it in place.  You may have to do this several times.
I have now added color to my banister without have the added expense of floral pics.

As you can see in the upper photo, there is an empty spot.  This is where adding florals can come in handy.  Below are several types of florals that I have that I could use:


You can use any size, color, shape, etc. for your florals.  These florals came from a variety of stores and some are brand new and some I have had for years.  You can even take a floral bush and cut each stem to make a floral pic…the second photo from the left is a poinsettia stem that I cut from a floral bush.

Adding the florals is easy.  Just slide the stem into the garland!  Be careful not to scratch your banister by jamming the pic into the garland…no need to be rough.  Some folks like to hot glue the pics into place.  This is a great idea if you have kids that will run up and down the steps and knock them off.  I don’t have that problem, and I like not having them glued so I have the option of changing my decorations without pulling glued florals off the garland.

 Select your pic.     Position it by sliding the stem into the garland.   You can lay fruits or bulbs on the garland, too!           

This is one more decoration ready for my Christmas Party!  I will be moving on to decorating with garland sprays and centerpieces.  If you have any length of the garland strands left, I will show you how to use them!  Stay tuned.

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