About Me

Welcome to Perfectly Simple Parties.  For many, many, many (okay, let’s not really count how many) years, I have been planning and throwing amazing parties.  From proms to corporate parties to major events – I have planned it.

It all started – back in the day – when I was a high school teacher at Weir High School, Weirton, WV.  I was the Student Activities Director.  I was responsible for all the groups/clubs and the activities that they held.   GAA has a huge formal dance.  I got to plan it….and the proms…and other dances.  High School is a tough crowd to “amaze”, and parents are even tougher!  Everything had to be perfect…as do all events.

Even more elaborate parties/events began when I was the Business Development manager for a Mercedes-Benz dealership!  The Galas, Salon Shows, charity events, etc.  Clamor and Glitz galore!

With all of my work experience in planning parties and events, I began to have better and cooler house parties.  I would apply my “best event practices” to my own personal parties.  Of course I don’t have the “cash” to throw a party like I did for my employees, but I sure know how to be creative and how to SHOP!  This is what I want to share with all of you….my secrets of the trade for your best ever house-party.

Cooking – Oh how I LOVE to cook.  And I cook lots…big….fun.  House parties are actually my favorite because they are small and more personable.

Food – If you don’t cook it yourself….test test test the caterer!  Food is the deal breaker!

Decorating – I LOVE to decorate.  I prefer to make everything from scratch (just like I do with cooking).  Create a mood and you will be a rock-star host/hostess.

When you combine a love for fun, food, mood, and decorations, you have the makings for a PARTY!

This blog was created by the encouragement that I get from my husband, Steve, dear friends, (especially Valerie), and my mom!  For years they have begged me to publish my ideas and stories.  “People will really benefit from hearing about your ideas!”

One day, I hope to have a small business where I can help people plan parties.  For now, I am just going to give this a try…



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