Lighted Floral Vase

Finding big, fun-shaped vases is a great way to add a unique style to your party atmosphere.  My favorite place to treasure hunt is Marshall’s.  I found this 4ft tall vase for $12.00!!! What a buy.  During normal hours (non-party), I will just leave my big vases sitting in a corner as a great accent piece, sometimes with florals  or stems in them.  But when the party is near, I bring them to life with lights and LOTS of florals.  Here’s how:

  • Thread a 50-light strand down through the mouth of the vase.  I used white lights for this vase since it will not matter much with the deep red color of the vase.  However, don’t be afraid to play with different color lights for different party themes or Holiday themes.
  • Select your florals/pics.  I liked this vase for many reasons, but the small mouth was the selling point.  When you have a smaller mouth vase, you will need less florals and fillers…keeping your costs WAY down!
  • Don’t worry about having a long stem floral….the only thing you will find that will reach the bottom of a tall vase and still stick out of the top will be branches or stems.  I used a small piece of pine garland to close the mouth even more, and it helped to grab the stems and keep them nice and tight in place with NO glue or floral foam!  Color me a happy crafter!
  • Take your small piece of pine garland…wired garland a must….and wrap it around the outside of the vase’s mouth.  Take some of the pine stems and tuck them into the mouth to help close the size and to give the stems something to keep them tight and high.
  • I want this particular arrangement to be high/tall.  So I selected my biggest/fullest pic…my poinsettias.   I will have this vase against a wall, so I will only need three flowers:  One for the middle, one on the left, and one on the right.  Set the flower stems gently into the vase.  Don’t panic if they feel wobbly or they lean over.  We will fix that by adding more pics which will tighten up the mouth and allow for stability with the florals.
  • I select my second tallest pics to be inserted next.  I am using two because they are quite wide, and I don’t want it too cluttered as I build the arrangement upwards.  Slide the two middle pics behind the flowers.
  • My last row is my tallest pic.  It is wide and tall, so I am using only one.  Slip it behind all the florals in the back.
  • Once all of your florals are in place, you begin the “primping”!  Fluff it or scrunch it according to how you want it to look.  Florals are made of wire, so you can control almost every part of them and place them in the direction that you need them to go.  Don’t be afraid to bend things.  You don’t have to “settle” for how they look once you place them in the vase.  However, if you like it, then by all means, leave it be!

You are in charge of those flowers…make them move, bend, adjust to what you like.

If you have a cord from the lights that keeps popping out to the side and becomes an eye sore, then take some clear tape and take the cord to the back of the vase.

Plug it in, and you should have a beautiful piece of art that will create lighting for your party or just for you!


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